Online  Platform for Ayurvedic Treatment by Leelajani

Leelajani Ayurvedic Hospital, one of the leading Ayurvedic hospitals in Trivandrum, approached us to develop a healthcare website for their business. Drawing upon our expertise in developing websites for leading hospitals and our deep understanding of the healthcare industry, we were able to comprehend the client’s requirements and deliver an appropriate solution.
The client’s primary focus was to showcase their services through the website.


Branding, Web Development


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Leelajani Ayurvedic Hospital, Trivandrum

Design & Layout

We provided a superior layout, incorporating visually appealing icons. These icons were strategically placed throughout the website to convey various services and aspects of the hospital. The consistent use of icons and logos not only enhanced the overall user-friendliness of the website but also made navigation more intuitive for visitors.

Informative Content & Services

A key objective of the website was to provide informative content to patients visiting the site, outlining Leelajani’s services, treatments, expertise, and more. We ensured that the website showcased detailed information about the hospital’s offerings, ensuring that patients can make informed decisions about their healthcare. Through compelling and concise content, we emphasized the unique services provided by Leelajani Ayurvedic Hospital.


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Branding & Visual Identity

To align with the client’s brand identity, we utilized the colors and design elements from Leelajani’s logo throughout the website. By incorporating the logo’s color palette and leaves as design elements, we successfully emphasized both the client’s brand and the traditional aspects of Ayurveda. This approach created a harmonious visual identity across the website, reinforcing the hospital’s unique positioning in the industry.

Separate Landing Pages

To provide a seamless user experience and improve content organization, we created separate landing pages for treatments, courses, packages, and other relevant sections. This ensured that visitors could easily find the specific information they were seeking, leading to enhanced engagement and conversion rates. Each landing page was carefully designed to provide a clear overview of the respective category, guiding users toward their desired information.

Lead Generation

We implemented a dedicated contact page to collect leads and facilitate communication between the hospital and potential patients. By incorporating an intuitive and user-friendly contact form, we made it convenient for visitors to reach out to Leelajani Ayurvedic Hospital, enabling efficient lead generation and conversion.


Through our expertise in website development and our in-depth understanding of the healthcare industry, we successfully delivered a comprehensive website for Leelajani Ayurvedic Hospital. The website’s enhanced design, user-friendly navigation, informative content, and seamless lead-generation capabilities all contribute to a superior online presence for the hospital.

The client was satisfied with the website and has been able to create a recognizable brand image. We are confident that the website is effectively showcasing Leelajani’s services, attracting more patients, and helping the hospital in its mission to provide top-quality Ayurvedic healthcare to the community.

Social media description

We had the opportunity to develop a healthcare website for Leelajani, one of the leading Ayurvedic hospitals in Trivandrum. We created a user-friendly website, incorporating their services through different landing pages. We ensured the new website was visitor-friendly and reflected the hospital’s brand image as an industry expert.