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Explainer videos are short online marketing videos that are used to explain the company’s product and the services. Explainer videos are often placed on a landing page, website’s home page, and in a prominent product page. These types of videos have become extremely popular and the boast of conversion rates increasing by as much as 144% after including an explainer video on their website.
We are a team of concept artists, writers, illustrators, designers, animators, marketers, and engineers specialized in converting ideas and messages into beautiful explainer videos that work.

Animated Explainer video

An explainer video is defined as a short video that businesses use to quickly introduce themselves, explain what they do, and tell how they can help solve their customer’s problems.
Using animation can be fun and informative. We have made animated social media videos, recruitment videos, stop-motion, product videos, and animated graphics. There are loads of different styles to choose from and that’s where we come in to help choose an appropriate style to work with your brand.
The Animated Explainer Videos is a preferred format for explaining services or intangible tech products like software. Some services involve physical objects, making live-action an unrealistic option. Animated explainer videos allow more creativity, and are easier to edit or update when you want to make future adjustments.
We craft engaging animated explainer videos combined with our digital storytelling skills to give your business new heights.


Corporate Video

Everyone has a story to tell, but corporate videos wouldn’t be just another story with us by your side! We craft a language that differentiates your brand from the rest and inspires your audience.
One of the best things about corporate video is how diverse the content should be. Corporate video, by definition, refers to audio and visual communications by a company or organization.
This loose definition can be interpreted in many ways, thus there is no end to the creativity one can use to produce it. Some of the most effective advertising campaigns come from a creative, inspirational video that links back to the brand that commissioned it.
Using a specific style and a combined approach of illustration, footage, and motion graphics we can tell a story in a compelling way.

Event Promotion Videos

Event video refers to the art of capturing social and special events by a videographer.

The term ‘Event Video’ or ‘Event Videography’ is typically used to represent videography. 

  • 82% of the event marketers choose social media to market their events.

  • According to the leaders in the event marketing industry, 94% of events that used video in 2018 said it was effective.

  • HubSpot research found that 72% of the consumers prefer video to text for receiving the marketing information.

  • A Forrester Research says that a one-minute video is worth 1.8 million words.

  • The study also shows that the video is around 600% more effective than print and direct mail combined.

Drive more sales, get more engagement and convert more leads with the power of high-quality animated event promotion videos.

Get help from us and successfully promote your upcoming events with a professional event promo video.


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Over the past 8 years, we’ve worked with organizations of all sizes and shapes- from Fortune 100 brands to global enterprises, startups to SMEs, and Governments to NGOs.

We are a full-service branding & digital marketing agency with a focus on creating, nurturing & growing brands.

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Frequently Asked Questions

An explainer video is a quick animated video that is usually used via businesses to shortly inform their brands’ stories memorably. Explainer videos work effortlessly well for companies like Twitter, that offer services which might also be very difficult to define in a strong & succinct way. Though, they are also beneficial for all businesses through communication they prefer to be heard.

Many companies can consume a hard time expressing what it is they do in a way that probable clients can simply understand. Once a website user visits a business’s site, how frequently does he or she leave it through an authentic concept of what the facilities the business offers are? This is where animated video derives in. By connecting both the visual & auditory senses, animated explainer videos expand retention prices & succinctly explain their cost intention.

The human mind is automated to reply to stories, particularly ones that interact with thoughts that are familiar to them. By mixing unfamiliar thoughts with familiar ones, stories informed via video help introduce audiences to new thoughts. An explainer video offers clients a motive to care about business.

Most businesses are skipping on board with video through enforcing exclusive clips into content marketing approaches. Though, not all videos are shaped alike. Branded videos, like internet advertisements, tutorials, or case studies supply content supposed to interact with audiences. These videos can be animated, but frequently aren’t.

What an explainer video achieves is quite dissimilar. Explainer video refines regularly wide-ranging & complicated thoughts into a viewer-friendly package, permitting customers to walk away through a higher concept of what a business organizes & why its products or services are significant. While these two strategies can be used together, explainer videos perform a vital characteristic that branded videos don’t. They use a modest story to bring somewhat much better.

Explainer videos are quick online advertising videos used to explain your company’s product or service. Explainer videos are regularly positioned on a landing page, your site’s home page, or a distinguished product page.

Types of explainer videos

2D Animated Explainer Videos

Often assumed of as standard animation, 2D animation includes developing fonts, storyboards, & backgrounds in a two-dimensional environment. 2D animation is frequently a low luxurious choice compared to 3D animation. Still, some explainer videos could need a greater element that can only be completed with 3D animation.

3D Animated Explainer Videos

3D animation includes animating substances performing in a three-dimensional space. These 3D substances can be turned around & stimulated like actual substances. This is extraordinarily active for displaying products that are still in improvement or tough to a movie in live-action

Motion Graphics Explainer Video

Motion Graphics explainer videos convey still graphics to life through animation, visual effects, & different cinematic methods. They are not essentially story-based or character-based & may contain animating summary shapes, logos, or text.

Whiteboard Animation Explainer Videos

Whiteboard animation is a fashion of animated video where a story is proven on a whiteboard using artwork that is usually hand-drawn in appearance. This fashion of the video offers itself to approaches that yield cheaply-made whiteboard videos, such as self-made videos or via a business that makes use of automation to produce them. This uptick in negative high-quality whiteboard videos is in threat of giving whiteboard explainer videos an awful name as a complete.

Screencast Explainer Video

Screencast explainer videos contain imagery from a display while a site, software, or app is in use. The important reason is to exhibit how the app roles. They are optimistic about displaying customers on how to engage with new applications or aspects without demanding them to examine several sheets of text.

The corporate video is an umbrella term used to describe all video communications used for interior or exterior corporate messaging. The major method that corporate video can be distinctive from typical video marketing is the viewers. A corporate video is frequently meant for a unique viewer other than the ordinary audience. A corporate video may be generated to current economic outcomes to investors or to spotlight new creativity inside the business. Corporate videos could also consist of worker training videos & advertising videos for new product strains or services.

Before the massive utilization of online video, a corporate video was specifically used for interior communications or broadcast on TV. Budget limitations tended to restrict the quantity of corporate video which should be generated. Though, the dropping price in HD cameras has intended that even consistent corporate communications can be recorded to near broadcast quality. Joint with the dropping expenses of equipment, the capability to host & distribute video content online has additionally contributed to the sharp development in the quantity of corporate video formed. The motive for the extensive use of corporate video for communications drives beyond just falling prices. Consuming video on a site can appreciably enhance equally the quantity & quality of visitors to a website. Video can also assist to build engagement with a target audience as humans spend extra time on the websites that feature video. Lastly, video can carry a massive quantity of info in a quite brief space of time making it perfect for explaining complicated tasks or products.

A corporate video is a video formed through a business or company. However, most frequently used to promote & increase the attention of a company’s brand as a whole, corporate videos can be used in a business setting & assist many specific purposes: Training, instructional, & protection videos for workers.

Corporate videos are nowadays far extra reachable. But what types of corporate videos are there? & which kind of video must you use? Here are some types of corporate videos for you to pick from.

Company Profile Video

These videos are excellent if you prefer to introduce your company to customers & achievable investors. It’s a quick video that offers an extensive impression of the company & the services or products that are on offer. It could consist of data about your company’s determination, some company history, or even a message from the CEO. These kinds of corporate videos are meant at assisting people to recognize & have interaction with your company.

Promotional Video

This kind of video is about getting extra unique about a specific product or service. These can frequently be showcased online as exact viewers can be focused efficiently. Though, these videos can also work properly on tv broadcasting stages. Promotional corporate videos assist to endorse brand awareness & brand familiarity. New product launches are also an excellent thought to create client awareness.

Industrial Video

Industrial Videos are meant at people within a particular business. Designed to be knowledgeable about products or services, these videos form a variety of unique means. Whether for B2B marketing, fundraising, or investor contribution, these videos are frequently used at trade shows.

Social Media Videos

These videos are quick & frequently sensitive which inspires the audience to share the video. What’s essential here, is to highlight the brand greater than the product or service that’s being obtainable. This can be accomplished by connecting your company to specific occasions or news headlines to capture the audience’s attention. Social media videos are targeted on niche-specific businesses of customers which are done via online procedures. This makes it a very active advertising tool.

Testimonial Video

What better than to function anyone who has previously used your product or service. This goes a long way to join with achievable customers. These videos play on the factors of belief & familiarity. Celebrity testimonials also go a lengthy way to expand the appeal of the product of service.

Selling is about storytelling and movies are an extraordinary way to share a story

People want the data to make knowledgeable decisions. Videos that interact with people by telling a story in which the viewer can imagine themselves are an extraordinarily effective way of demonstrating the advantages of your products or services.

Videos hold people on your website longer and interact them with your content

Short, data videos hold people engaged with your content extensively longer than text and pictures. People remain on websites with videos 60% longer than websites with simple textual content and pictures. Google likes pages where people spend time, which they refer to as “dwell” time.

People work with people, and video helps people get to know, like and believe you

Not only do videos exhibit the features of your product or service, however, they additionally supply an opportunity to exhibit your personality. You have the special opportunity to exhibit the tradition of your company or lifestyle that aligns with your product.

Videos hold your target audience interested, No matter your product or service

Videos provide you the strength to visually exhibit off your product or service in a quick quantity of time. This is your opportunity to make something fascinating for your audience, so they stick around to analyse more about your product and your company.

Videos are speedy and convenient

Let’s be honest. Nobody has any time anymore. Especially people who make a lot of vital decisions for their company. Video can get your factor throughout rapidly and interact with an achievable consumer who otherwise wouldn’t have taken the time to name or schedule an appointment.