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As a leading branding agency in India, Fresh Mind Ideas has the top-of-the-line branding and digital marketing capabilities to help businesses that are starting up or need a refresher course of growth for their organization. Small, medium, or large, your company is in good hands with us.

What We Do

We Drive Meaningful Results for Our Customers and Shape the Future of Their Brands Across Geographies.


Your brand is your identity; so, we take branding very seriously. We direct our strategic branding strengths to build cutting edge collateral that will power your visual identity, just the way you want.

Be it SEO, SEM, digital media campaigns, or influencer engagement, we have the niftiest digital strategy and consulting capabilities for the robust digital transformation of your business.

Your website is your business’s address; we bolster that address with skillful website design and development, complete with impactful UI and UX design. Once your customers visit your site, they aren’t going to leave, that’s for sure!

Be it SEO, SEM, digital media campaigns, or influencer engagement, we have the niftiest digital strategy and consulting capabilities for the robust digital transformation of your business.

We’re More Than Just An Agency

We are Your ‘Team Away from Team’

We can’t say this enough, but there’s a strong reason why our solutions are good for you. Ever heard of ‘home away from home’? Well, we are your ‘team away from team’. What we mean is you will feel like we are working with you, almost like we are by your side, but in reality, you know that we aren’t there. But we are! Do you get the idea?

Top branding agency in Bangalore, we pride ourselves on being fluid in our work and gliding into our client’s processes easily. We will become a part of your team, learning and growing with you each day, merging your thoughts with our ideas. Our endeavor is to be seamless with our services, so you can trust us with your brand, while you focus on your business’s journey. It’s that simple.

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"Fresh Mind Ideas is one of the top branding agencies in Bangalore, India for providing top-of-the-line branding and digital marketing solutions" - Clutch

Let's Build Awesomeness!

    Our Process

    How We Do It

    STAGE 1


    ‘Don’t assume. Just ask.’ It’s a policy we follow faithfully. We use the ‘discover’ stage to talk to our clients, from different roles and capacities, ask questions, and spend time thinking, analyzing and looking for clarity; till we have what we are looking for.

    STAGE 2


    The ‘define’ stage is crucial. We use the insights gathered from the discovery phase to define the challenge that we are about to take on. What are the roadblocks? Which are the easier aspects, and which aren’t? We create a mind map right here.

    STAGE 3


    The design is often relegated to being just a creative expression. However, it’s a visual language that builds both brand recognition and credibility, and helps make a powerful first impression. At the ‘design’ stage, our strategic and creative minds combine to create designs that help you make a lasting impact.

    STAGE 4


    The ‘delivery’ stage is when we know if our approach and strategies have worked. We test the waters with our solutions, correct the course of action, if the need be, and finally go all out and implement it.

    STAGE 5


    We believe in course review and correction; in the ‘data’ phase, we go back to re-studying the data we collected during the ‘discover’ stage, and analyzing our solutions in tandem with the performance during delivery. Here, we decide if we need to stay the course or suggest changes.

    "A good process produces good results."

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