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Welcome to Fresh Mind Ideas – A 360° Creative Branding Agency, Web Design Studio & Digital Marketing Company in Karnataka (Diamond District in Bangalore) + Kerala (Technopark in Trivandrum & Kalamassery in Kochi) India. We serve clients spread across the globe.

We are a team of enthusiastic, results-oriented, digitally inspired & fresh ‘out of the box’ geeks rooted in India. With an end-to-end Brand design experience, we are also ninjas in designing & developing websites that your product/service needs, creating an identity & hence matching solutions that are focused on your goals & objectives.

Fresh Mind Ideas has a handpicked team of talented, resourceful, and unconventional thinkers and doers. Together, they make an agency for brands that wish to change the course, take on what’s new and challenge the norms. We have a skillful group of brand strategists, digital marketers, SEO analysts, designers, developers, and content creators to make brands future-ready. There’s just one condition though. You’ve got to be as radical as we are, and we’d make a great team.

The Man Behind the Mind

Fresh Mind Ideas was conceived by Ajay S Nair in the year 2012. However, Ajay’s journey of creating brand identities kicked off back when he was a young student in Kerala.

Exploring, experimenting and learning along the way, Ajay worked with multiple MNCs, supporting their marketing goals in countries like the US, UAE, Canada, Germany and India; and in just a few years, he built a team spread over two offices, in Bangalore and Trivandrum.

Under his leadership, Fresh Mind Ideas has collaborated with many companies, both big and small, established firms as well as start-ups, helping them identify their purpose, positioning and messaging, with nifty brand strategy capabilities.

Ajay S Nair,
Founder & CEO,
Fresh Mind Ideas
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Why Clients Choose Fresh Mind Ideas ?

We work as an extended arm of the client’s business.

Teamwork takes a whole new meaning at Fresh Mind Ideas. We become your extended arm – the one that grabs the coffee, when the other two are busy putting ideas together. We power ourselves up so you can focus on the important aspects of your role – making a great product or service.

Our turnaround time and quality of work are unrivaled.

The best of creativity and strategy don’t count unless they happen in time. We combine our sharp time management skills with our digital strategies and creative designs to ensure it all comes around to the benefit of our clients.

One-stop solution for building, managing and developing brands.

Your job is to make what works and our job is to tell the world about what you made and how great you made it. You do the hard work, while we do the harder work of putting your message out there. Get the drift?

Ethics and honesty are our second names

We like to be transparent in our interactions with clients. If there’s a problem, we like to discuss it and get it out of the way. If there’s an achievement, we love to get together with you and celebrate. We like to keep it straightforward and crystal clear. It totally works!

Our commitment goes beyond the contract.

A brand is a baby; it needs your 100%. Sometimes (okay, let’s be honest, most of the time), there’s a lot more work than what is put to words in a contract. We believe in going the extra mile, and then some more, for our clients. You will see that when you collaborate with us.

We power through difficult times.

It’s not always smooth sailing. So, when challenging times come along (a pandemic, for instance), we get up our courage and work harder. There’s no question of laying down our ‘weapons’. Tough days call for more diligence and a positive outlook, and we have those in abundance.
Awards & Honors


Yes, Fresh Mind Ideas is an award-winning agency. We won awards and recognitions by assisting our clients in achieving their goals. As one of India’s leading digital agencies, we are humbled by each award.


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Successfully completed over 200 projects, worked with startups, scale-ups and Govt. organizations.


Business years

We have been in the industry for over 8 years and from 2018 we have registered as a Private Limited company in India.



Being a branding agency in India, we are proud to collaborate with brands outside India, on a consistent basis


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