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Creative Branding Agency Bangalore & Kerala

Welcome to Fresh Mind Ideas – a 360° Creative Branding Agency, Web Design Studio & Digital Marketing Company in Bangalore (Bengaluru) + Kerala (Technopark Trivandrum, Kalamassery, Kochi) India, & we serve clients spread across the globe. With a passion for neat, simple & creative & design, we mark our client’s identity in their target market.

We are a team of enthusiastic, results-oriented, digitally inspired & fresh ‘out of the box’ geeks rooted in India. With an end-to-end Brand design experience, we are also ninjas in designing & developing websites that your product/service needs, creating an identity & hence matching solutions that are focused on your goals & objectives. From what you need, to where you want to be, every detail & every cup of coffee is counted with sincerity!

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"Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world.. are the ones who do!"


Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs

One of the reason behind FreshMindIdeas as a company is our love to Steve Jobs, Founder of Apple, Pixar and NeXT. There are no words to express our love to him. He still is our inspiration..



Apple as a company, its products, quality of design, we just love it! <3



The art of capturing the moments.. We love DSLR cameras a lot.. you can see us on some countryside taking random photos, if we are not in our workstation 🙂

Art and Design

Art and Design

Art in its every form is seductive, May it be digital design, flat, line graphics, or street art.. We truly love the way things are used.


We use the principles & ethics of design to set a new benchmark in the industry & to discover the opportunities & value for your company. Knowing that the building block of creating the company identity is the logo & we develop it with sincerity. And yes, we do claim that we are the best logo design company based in India, because we unveil the best every time.  Our team comprises of multi-faceted folks who are passionate, time-driven & understand that time is the real money. Providing services that are customer-centric is our ideal way of working things out. So, while we all may be experienced professionals, we are also travelers, nature enthusiasts, foodaholic & of course bibliophiles.

So are you starting up? Something new, something that’s just yours? No matter where you go & how you begin, if you don’t have a design, you have no direction.

As Steve Jobs once quoted

Design is not just what it looks like & feel like. Design is how it works

On the same principle, we believe that design is visual. It connects & reconnects one’s eyes to the mind & getting your business on top of their mind, we are the best in doing it.

We would love to work with you together & kick start to something exemplary big & revolutionary by simply picking up something from our wide range of top notch cult level web design services, logo designs & branding. And if that’s not enough, we always have a magic wand to work with anything & everything that adds delight to your company.

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