6 LinkedIn Marketing Tips From A Social Media Marketing Agency In Bangalore

6 LinkedIn Marketing tips from a social media marketing agency

If you want to grow your business using LinkedIn then you are in the right place. In this article, I am going to share with you some LinkedIn Marketing tips from a best social media marketing agency in Bangalore.

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network till now and works best for B2B businesses.

If you are a business and your customers are also businesses then only you will get benefits using LinkedIn.

LinkedIn has around half a billion users and this is one of the best effective tools to generate more leads for B2B businesses.

Here are some LinkedIn Marketing tips from a top social media marketing agency in Bangalore.

6 LinkedIn Marketing Tips

1. Create and complete your company profile.

Create and complete your company profile

The first LinkedIn Marketing tip from a social media marketing agency is that create an impressive company profile.

This is the very first thing you have to do before starting LinkedIn marketing.

It is completely free to create a company page on LinkedIn.

Make a professional company profile with a logo, company description, website URL, company size, industry, company type, and location.

Always make sure your company page is complete because a complete profile receives more visitors than the incomplete one.

And never forget to add an about us section that can tell everything about your brand like what are you offering to your customers.

Just below the about us section, you will have to add your company website, industry, and other additional information.

You can also add your physical location here to get connected with businesses in your locality.

The first impression is important and your profile is a great way to impress your audience.

Keep your profile up to date.

2. Create a LinkedIn marketing strategy.

Then next LinkedIn marketing tips from a lead social media marketing agency in Bangalore is that create a well-planned strategy.

Now your profile is ready and to engage with your audience and generate more B2B leads for your business you need a well-planned strategy.

Your strategy should contain everything that you want to achieve using LinkedIn.

You can research your competitors to know more about how they use LinkedIn, what working for them, etc and you can create a strategy accordingly.

And never forget to make a content calendar.

You should plan your content in advance.  

3. Post engaging content.

The next LinkedIn marketing tips from a social media marketing agency in Bangalore is that post engaging and useful content.

After creating an attractive company profile you have to post engaging content to engage businesses with your profile.

Content marketing is crucial for any platform including LinkedIn.

Posting engaging content every day helps you to reach and engage with your audience.

Your content should be simple text or article, photos, and videos.

Your post should contain a catchy headline, attractive image, and engaging content on a topic.

If you want to drive your LinkedIn audience to your business website, you can simply create brief content and attach a link to read full blog post.

Always remember your content should stand out of the crowd and add value to your audience.

4. Analyze your posts

It is crucial to analyze your results to know how well your strategy works.

LinkedIn analytics are here to help you. You can track your post metrics.

Using LinkedIn analytics you can understand the demographics of your followers, track your traffic, and activity on your company profile.

You can track which kind of post works well and engage more people. And also know which kind of posts bring less engagement.

No matter which kind of marketing you are doing to promote your business, it is incomplete without tracking and measuring performances.

5. Target relevant audience.

The next LinkedIn marketing tips from a social media marketing agency in Bangalore is that you have to target the right audience.

Maybe you have great content with engaging images or videos but it will work only when you bring these contents in front of the right audience.

If you are unable to choose the right audience all your efforts and time are of no use.

So always give some extra effort to know more about your audience.

6. Run LinkedIn Ads

The next LinkedIn marketing tips from the best social media marketing agency in Bangalore is that if you have some extra budget spend it on LinkedIn ads.

Using LinkedIn campaign manager tools you will get various audience targeting options where you can target a highly specific audience for your business.

You can also retarget your audience who has already interacted with your post using “Matched Audience” features.

LinkedIn allows you to run 3 kinds of ads.

A. Sponsored content.

Sponsor ads allow you to reach a wider audience as it promotes directly on the news feed of people you want to reach.

You should run sponsored content if you want to

  • Raise awareness of your company activities
  • Increase traffic to your post
  • To increase followers
  • Bring more engagement
B. Sponsored InMail.

Using Sponsored InMail ad you can send personalized messages to your targeted recipients.

You should run InMail ads if you want to

  • Promote webinar and special promotions
  • Generate B2B leads
  • Directly engage with valuable prospects
C. Text Ads.

Text Ads can display on home pages, profile pages, search pages, or group pages.

This is the PPC (Pay-Per-Click) platform of LinkedIn.

You should use Text Ads if you want to:

  • Target highly specific B2B audience
  • Drive traffic to your company website

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