8 Twitter Marketing Tips From A Social Media Marketing Agency In Bangalore.

8 twitter marketing tips from a social media marketing agency

Do you want to boost your business using Twitter? Do you want to know some Twitter marketing tips?

Twitter is one of the best social media platforms to reach and engage with more and more audiences.

If you use Twitter effectively it can drive a huge amount of traffic to your business site.

It can bring you more and more followers. Also, you can connect to audiences all over the world using Twitter.

It is estimated that the average lifespan of a tweet is about 18 minutes. Things move very quickly on Twitter and even 7000 new tweets are sent every single second.

That’s why you can easily get lost in the crowd. So you have to tweet engaging and attention-grabbing content on Twitter.

Below I have explained 8 Twitter marketing tips from the best social media marketing agency in Bangalore.

So keep reading……

8 Twitter Marketing Tips

1. Optimize your profile.

Optimize your profile

The very first Twitter marketing tips from a top social media marketing agency in Bangalore is you must spend some time to optimize your profile.

Your profile must have a right handle with a header image and profile photo.

Always make your twitter handle short and easily-to-remember that people can easily tag you. Your twitter handle must be recognizable.

Use the same name as per your business so that people can easily search your name. Don’t use any kind of irrelevant number and punctuation marks.

Make sure your profile photo is attractive and memorable. You should use your brand logo as your profile photo so people can easily recognize you when they see you.

Craft an engaging header image that can represent your business. Here you can use your creativity and show off your brand messages.    

Don’t forget to create a punchy bio.

2. Create your bio in a way that showcases your brand’s personality


The next Twitter marketing tips from a social media marketing agency in Bangalore is that you must create a bio in a way that can showcase your brand’s personality.

Your bio appears right under the profile photo. You can write up to 160 characters in your bio.

This is the place where you introduce your business. That’s why you have to create a short bio about who you are, what you do, etc.

Include the right keywords in your bio because twitter bio is searchable. Use your SEO skills and include a relevant keyword so that your bio gets indexed by search engines like Google.

You can also add hashtags in your bio. But don’t overdo it. Your hashtag should be in your written sentence.

3. Define your business goal.

Before starting twitter marketing for your business, first, find out why you are going to use Twitter for your business.

Businesses uses Twitter for the following objectives:

  • Drive customers to their website
  • Increase customers and customer loyalty
  • Generate more sales
  • Build brand awareness
  • Awareness of their product or service

You must have a clear business objective then create a well-planned strategy accordingly.

4. Post engaging content consistently.

Now the main part started. First, spend some time finding the ideal time to post on Twitter and then post engaging content consistently.

Twitter allows you to use 280 characters per tweet. And within that 280 characters, you have to create engaging, easy-to-read, and valuable content.

Remember, you have to post consistently as it helps you to bring more and more followers.

There is a saying, “consistency is the key to success”. And it also applied to twitter marketing.

You should tweet at least once a day.

5. Find out the best time to tweet

The next Twitter marketing tips from a lead social media marketing agency in Bangalore is that you should find out the best time to tweet.

You have to do a little bit of research and find out what is the best time to post. It helps you boost engagement.

You need to find out at which period of time most of your audiences are active on twitter and make a schedule accordingly.

Only when your users are more active, they are more likely to engage with your posts.

Finding out thbest time to tweet, helps you get more impressions, engagement, and clicks.

6. Always use relevant images to increase retweets.

The next Twitter marketing tips from a social media marketing agency in Bangalore is that you should always use relevant images.

When you add relevant images to your tweet, there is more chance to get clicks and shared than the tweet without images.

It is found that tweet with an image typically gets 89% more likes.

Remember, always use relevant, compelling, and high-quality images.

You can also use videos to get more retweets.

7. Use appropriate Hashtags.


The next twitter marketing tips from a social media marketing agency in Bangalore is that you must use appropriate hashtags.

A hashtag is simply a keyword preceded by a hash (#) sign that categorizes all the posts and helps us to find easily while searching.  

If you use hashtags appropriately you can easily reach to more and more audience who shares interests in your industry.

Make sure the hashtags you are using make sense of for your industry.

You can also create a branded hashtag unique to your business.

Remember, don’t use overuse hashtags as it looks spammy and leads to less engagement. You should use one or two hashtags per tweet.

8. Run Twitter Ads

The last twitter marketing tips from a top social media marketing agency in Bangalore is that you must run Twitter ads if you want to boost your engagement.

The above tips are organic ways to grow your followers on twitter. But organic ways are always time-consuming.

So, if you want to get more and more engagement fast, twitter ads are here to help you.

If you are a newbie and haven’t enough followers you must run Twitter ads and get all its benefits.

Twitter Ads will cost you a little more as compared to other social media platforms like Facebook, but it will help you boost engagement and followers easily.  

Twitter ads allow you to choose a highly specific audience and give you detailed results for your campaign results.

Advertising on twitter helps you grow your followers, promote products or services, drive traffic to your business site, boost engagement, and lot more.

Twitter Ads

Above we have explained 8 twitter marketing tips that help you to complete your twitter marketing objectives.

If you need any help regarding this, feel free to connect.  

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