Building a brand? Avoid these 5 mistakes.


Your brand represents everything you are or everything you aspire to be, as an organisation. It acts as the perception that people have of your business, products and services. A well-defined brand helps in building loyal customers, crafting a good image of your organisation, helps in lead generation, makes you ahead of your competitors and more importantly helps you to stay focused on your mission and vision.

Since the brand is such an important aspect of your business, you cannot afford to make any mistakes while building your brand. The smallest of mistake can hamper your business reputation and build the negative perception of your business among people. So read on to know the common branding mistakes which can ruin a good business.

5 Branding Mistakes to Avoid When Building a Brand

  1. Following the Leaders:

    Though it is good to follow established market leaders, but it is equally important to make your brand stand out. You can start by analysing your competitors and try to find ways to be different from them. Great brands achieve success because they offer something unique to their customers. So don’t be a clone and follow others footsteps.

  1. Not Understanding the Scope of Brand:

    It is a common mistake among businesses to misunderstand what constitutes a ‘Brand’. Your business’s logo and tagline are an important part of branding, but there is more than that. Your brand is your identity; it speaks of you, your products and services via images, visuals and style. So to give your brand a personality that customers recognize and make sure you pay attention to all the focus areas.

  1. Not Taking the Help of an Expert:

    With advanced technologies, even a small business can compete with established players. You just need to explore the affordable marketing avenues that contribute to building brand awareness. Take the help of professionals right from building the brand to contributing towards brand awareness.


  1. Not Living Up To Your Brand Message:

    There is no point spending on branding if you do not live up to your brand message. To build loyal customers it is important to have consistency between what your brand say and the way you act. If these two do not match, customers can quickly figure out and lose their trust on your brand. Reputation is a primary component of your brand and if you loose on that, your business will soon feel the negative effects.

  1. Ignoring the Importance of Brand:
    Jeff Bezos - Amazon

    Jeff Bezos – Amazon

    Many times businesses overlook the power of a brand and do not give required time and efforts required to build the brand. Overlooking the brand can stunt your company’s growth and restrict the opportunities for future success. An appealing and identifiable brand helps you stand out and attract customers.

A well-crafted brand not only helps to build a loyal customer base but also acts as the most valuable asset for any business. So, it is worth investing your time and efforts in developing a good brand. We at Fresh Mind Ideas, help you build a solid brand which will ensure customer trust and confidence in your business. We have an experienced team of highly qualified professionals who are enthusiastic and result-oriented. We understand that your brand is your identity and we make every effort to boost your brand visibility and guarantee your future existence.

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