The symbol can convey more things that can’t be implied through the words alone. This significance of symbol increased the importance of visual identity in your business. It plays a significant role in the way an organization is presented before the outer world. For a successful business, a corporate should present itself consistently to the public and as well as external stakeholders. Various researches and discussions were made on this topic till date. Van de Bosch, De Jong and Elving(2005) states that corporate visual identity plays a superior role in corporate’s reputation based on the researches they made on the relationships between corporate visual identity and reputation. Visual identity has a great impact towards a company’s reputation.


On seeing this image, even without a label, one can spot out the company, right? This is what the impact of visual identity. But don’t conclude that visual identity includes only the logo. All the things from logo to business card, website to packages, the name etc. all comes under the term ‘Corporate visual identity’.

Infact, it helps people to remember your corporates’ name and its core business at the right time whenever they needs you. The employees must also be aware of the corporate visual identity of their organization. They should be aware how the visual identity enhances their organization’s visibility. They should also be aware of the reason why the design fits for their organization and what actually their corporate visual identity is intended to express.  The visual identity should also harmonize with the future organizational development. After choosing a basic structure for your visual identity, then proper management should be maintained.  Corporate visual identity is a vast and relevant area which you need to focus if you are more concerned on your business identity.

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