How to build a brand? – Here are Top 4 things to consider.

A corporate brand can best be compared to an atom! Why you may ask, well, it is simply because it (the brand) reflects everything the business stands for. Take for instance Nike, it is common knowledge that the moment a consumer sees the Nike swoosh, they instantly connect with the brand. And not just the brand name but more importantly the values behind it as well.


How to build a brand? You are your brand. The manner in which your brand gets viewed is entirely derived from what you stand for, and what you would like it to be. Just so you know, creative, objective and interactive branding has been pointed out as one of the key things which helps business to stay ahead of the competition since it (the unique approach to branding) helps create an impressive visual impression and long-lasting impression in the consumer’s mind.


Below is an overview of 4 key things every entrepreneur should seriously consider while building their brand.


  1. Identifying Your Target Audience

Your business’ target audience is that select group to which your product aims to reach out to. To reach out to these groups, you need to understand who they are, what they like and dislike, where they are spending their time and money. Do run an internal research on who your current audience is, what are their interests, who are their influencers?

Many times we have seen people saying our target audience is everyone! – That’s absolutely wrong.

Your brand cannot be all things to all groups. But it doesn’t mean you have to put your ads to only those, Because, chances are there they can influence others or some day they need what you provide and recall your brand.


  1. Creating a unique Brand Identity

This is by far one of the most crucial aspects towards building a successful brand. Once you recognize who your target audience is, the immediate next thing is to define clearly who you are. Do spend your time (and money) here because brand identity does matters. Consider reaching out to branding agencies and discuss your core values with them, and what you are trying to achieve with your business. The identity shall reflect literally everywhere in order to spread a solid image. The identity design should be the same in the corporate website, mobile app, marketing collaterals, social media and stationeries. Hiring a professional branding agency will help you in this. This will increase your customer as well as employee loyalty.

see our project for Wow Factor

Branding for WowFactor by FreshMindIdeas


  1. Discovering your Uniqueness

Discover your uniqueness means, to identify your competitive advantage. What you can offer that others cannot, or what extra value your product can deliver which similar products in the market cannot. That is what makes your brand unique. Identifying and boosting these will make you stay in the consumer’s mind.

 see below few examples of USP

Image result for usp of top brands examples

Related image

Image result for usp of top brands examples

  1. Don’t forget your road-maps

Hope you heard – “Failing to plan is planning to fail”. That’s really true, especially if you are an entrepreneur. While building a brand you have to spend some quality time to jot down the objectives you want to achieve with your brand and work hard to achieve them. A powerful brand should know what it wants and how to achieve it, it should be there in the objectives you set.


Once the brand image is created, following some simple rules will guarantee its continued effectiveness. Always follow an agile method, focus on what the customers want to achieve and structure your business.

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