A business should have a bond between ideologies of the business and a strong relationship with the customers. This bond would have been created by the high standards of products offered by the company. These elements are signified by the logo behind which the companies in its entirety stand. At the present time it is important for the business to communicate its unique message, and the easiest way to recognize the company and distinguish it from others is by its logo.

Logo is a design which symbols an organization and it often becomes the key recognition element of a company. Hence it is very much essential that logos become unique and memorable. Creating a unique logo is as not as easy as it sounds it takes a lot of pain as it requires thorough study on the artifact of the company. For a brand to stand it must offer something that differentiate it from the market. The art of logo design is littered with pitfalls and in the process of designing, designers often make mistakes. The fonts get overcrowded, using raster images instead of vector, use of visual cliches, duplication or copying of logos, overdoing special affects etc.

Designers should make a note of certain points before getting into the practically making logos. It is advisable to not to use too many fonts and keep it simple as simple logos are more memorable than complex one. The Nike logo is the most well known and the simplest logo. Portrayal of a logo in black and white and then adding special effects allows focusing in the shape and size of the concept.

A legitimate designer knows that the key to success in logo development is research. Understanding what accompany does how, why, for whom, who are the competitors, how do they want to differentiate themselves? Designing is the solution to the problem. When enough time is given to solve the above questions it becomes a cakewalk to design a successful logo that will stand.

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