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PM: A fashion of its Own kind

PM is a clothing brand which believes that it’s the inner beauty that reflects body self but the way we dress and look filters the world’s perspective towards more good.  Appearance, as said is like a mirror revealing what the person is going to be in the next few years. PM is really proud that it does the task of refining future with their top quality fashion assets for both men and women.

To PM, it’s more important that people look exactly what they are and not what they want to be. To diversify this belief and vision through the boutique and website they engaged us to assist them in bringing together the very exact content about them to connect with people.

Brand Research and Evaluation


Our goal has always been to merge ourselves with the brand we are assisting and the same we did to discover what PM is a brand. So, we mixed up with their team to know their way of working, their beliefs and practices and were soon clear about how we can define their key considerations.

Content : One of the Major Considerations

What we discovered during our research was, that just like other brands, PM’s marketing efforts had the content as one of their key considerations. A great content as everybody knows is very much essential for engaging the right crowd but PM was lacking in this. Their content, what we realized was not engaging and catchy and therefore this directed us to work more deeply in this area.

Journey from Logo designing to a well-developed Responsive site

The P + M Combination


The next thing we were supposed to do was to design a simple and catchy logo for the brand. A brand’s logo is necessary to distinguish it from thousands of similar brands, so it needs to be simple and easily recognizable. Our logo designers came up with a simple combination of p and m (p+m) to define PM’s final logo and it was exactly what we were looking for. It was simple, classy and elegant.

Preethi Mahadevan Logo

PM’s Web Designing and Development


PM’s idea of connecting with the people was also influenced the way their portal looked like. Soon we realized some major glitches in that as well. Their content was neither uniformly categorized nor the display looked interesting. Our web designers and developers worked like a team to give it a look it always wanted to have. From dashboard customization to installing themes and plug-ins, everything was handled by our experienced work staff using WordPress platform for web-designing.


Giving PM a Responsive site


responsive design

responsive design

Finally, PM had a responsive site ready to connect with and influence people. Unlike many heavy sites, PM’s portal was now easy to reach via mobile phones as well. This grabbed the attention of millions of phone users who could now open their brand’s site on their handsets without a need of finding time to open it in their laptops or desktops. This is what we wanted, to help PM create a responsive site to attract as many as it wants.


Branding the brand:


Making it big for online users was almost done, so now we were supposed to upgrade its reputation among the offline users and business partners as well. Our branding team after proper analysis designed letterhead, business cards, envelopes, shopping bags and cloth labels for PM. These things yet minute play a very important role in raising a brand’s standards among its users and we are happy that we gave PM what it wanted to roll in this ultra-competitive world.

We also branded all of its sub-brands like:

1: PINK DESIRE for Kids Wear.

2: THE FAIR MOD for Women’s Wear.

3: BLOOMING CURVE for Maternity Wear.


This is how we succeeded in emerging a professional website from the scratch which is now doing great in the field of fashion.

Screen Shot 2017-05-05 at 11.52.32 AM

Client Testimonial

” I searched and contacted a good number of branding agency to visualise what is in my mind. My search came to an end with FreshMindIdeas. Thank you FMI. You were diligent in getting to know my company and in gaining a clear understanding of my needs. Your team has made my dream come true and that too in time.
FMI is not just a branding agency. They understand the elements of a business engine, are fluent in several schools of business and brand strategy, and propose ways of thinking that are truly innovative.
I would wholeheartedly recommend FreshMindIdeas to any business who wants to take their game to the next level. ”

– Preethi Mahadevan, Founder & Lead Designer.


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