Almost 94% of peoples use the internet, the network of network in there daily life. In day to day works there is lot of time that we have to interact with the computers and networks. Through online presence it is very easy to interact with customers and easily we can communicate the values of our product to the customers. So the impact of online presence in business is increasing day by day. Online presence helps the business to reach the customers world wide. Right time services and integrated marketing changed the face outlook of the business. Most of the study shows that the online presence has helped the businesses to become success to a great extent for example one of the oldest web retailers has annual sales of around $15 billion by nearest report.


Business websites, E-business, Electronic data interchanges, extranet and private exchanges are helping online business to a great extent. A website is a set of related web pages served from a single web domain. A business website is a website that contains information regarding the products and services. E-business is the application of information and communication technologies in support of all activities of business. Extranet is a computer network which allows controlled access from the outside for specific purposes. However 21 century business becomes much competing it’s become difficult to reach mind of the customers. Communicating values of the product to the customers become difficult and to communicate effectively need together both art and science art to create something worth your prospects’ attention and science to convert that attention to business. Intelligent use of social media outposts, content strategy can be used to communicate the values of our product to customers.

Studies show that the biggest difference between successful business owners and their less-successful counterparts is mindset. Smart business owners know how to manage risk intelligently not by taking crazy chances, but with thoughtful, informed risk-taking. Successful business owners keep their focus on what matters most in their businesses. They know what to get obsessive about and what they can safely dismiss. Happy business owners know that a business should be a pathway to a more rewarding life. There is a no of threats for the online business are present and web security is a major fact to be considered while running a business.


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