Fostering a Digital Revolution: Website Development for Greenikk -The First and Largest Banana Ecosystem in India #DesignStory



Our goal was to create a website for Greenikk, focusing on building a digital marketplace for bananas, by-parts, Banana Fibre, and value-added products. We aimed to enhance Greenikk’s online presence, connect them with a broader audience, and establish transparent value chains within the industry.


Greenikk approached us with the vision of creating a single-page website that would bring together farmers, food companies, and other stakeholders within a thriving ecosystem. We designed and developed a visually captivating and user-friendly website to fulfill their requirements.

Design and User Experience:

We crafted a visually appealing website using brand color palettes to capture the freshness and vibrancy of bananas. The intuitive single-page layout ensured easy navigation and a seamless browsing experience.

Visual Elements:

We incorporated high-quality images throughout the website to showcase the diverse range of products within the banana ecosystem. Each image was thoughtfully selected to create a strong visual connection with the brand.

Content and Transparency:

The website provided comprehensive information about Greenikk, its vision, and its commitment to building the first and largest Banana Ecosystem in India. Transparency and credibility were emphasized to establish trust among potential customers and partners.

Contact Form:

A user-friendly contact form was integrated to facilitate communication between Greenikk and interested users. This streamlined the process and ensured efficient collaboration opportunities.


The website we developed facilitated smooth navigation, creating a seamless experience for buyers and sellers. It played a crucial role in expanding Greenikk’s reach, fostering new collaborations, and establishing transparent value chains.

We are proud to have partnered with Greenikk, contributing to their success in establishing a thriving digital marketplace that drives growth, promotes sustainability, and enhances economic empowerment within the banana industry.

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