Strategic Website Revamp for Kerala’s Dream Home Builders: Sun Homes #DesignStory

Strategic Website Revamp for Kerala’s Dream Home Builders: Sun Homes

Sun Homes is one of Trivandrum’s premier builders, celebrated for their distinctive approach to building exceptional homes in Kerala’s capital city. They wanted to revamp their existing website in line with their brand value. Their main aim was to attract more online leads through their website and give it a premium look.

Got a project? Let’s talk.

Got a project?
Let’s talk.


Sun Homes wanted to stand out in a highly competitive industry by maintaining an impactful digital presence. The first requirement was a user-friendly website with an appealing look that could attract customers. They wanted a user-friendly website with a luxurious feel that provides all relevant information at the user’s fingertips. We had the following challenges:

  1. Redesign the site for a premium look: The existing website lacked the desired visual appeal and sophistication required to match the status of Sun Homes as a premier builder.
  2. Lead generation as the primary objective: The website had to capture leads and convert visitors into potential customers, thereby boosting sales. 
  3. Preferred customer contact through Whatsapp and phone: Sun Homes wanted to encourage direct and instant customer communication through Whatsapp and phone calls.
  4. Focus on three existing projects, Sun Medanta, Sun Elecasa, and Sun Cornerstone: To showcase their projects, the website needed to dedicate prominent sections or landing pages to these projects, with captivating images and detailed information.
  5. Highlight Trivandrum as the preferred location to own a home: The website should emphasize Trivandrum’s unique attractions and advantages, convincing potential buyers to consider the city for their dream home.
  6. Emphasize the key points – quality, trust, and homecare: Sun Homes’ commitment to quality construction, unwavering trustworthiness, and exceptional customer care should be showcased effectively on the website.


Our development team redesigned the Sun Homes website by implementing the following solutions: 

  1. Redesigned for a premium look: Our team of expert designers crafted a visually stunning website with sleek layouts, premium imagery, and an elegant color scheme that exuded luxury and professionalism.
  1. Strategic lead collection points: To optimize lead generation, we strategically placed “BOOK NOW” and “GET A CALL BACK” buttons along with contact forms throughout the website to prompt user engagement and encourage potential customers to reach out.
  1. Dedicated landing pages for projects: To highlight the three main projects of Sun Homes, namely Sun Medanta, Sun Elecasa, and Sun Cornerstone, we created individual landing pages so that customers can easily access project information by downloading brochures and floor plans. For easy navigation, the details of each project were made available in the header of their landing page. 
  1. Highlighted Trivandrum’s strengths: The home page prominently highlighted the unique attractions of Trivandrum and reasons to settle down in the capital city, compelling both local, national, and international visitors to consider the city as their ideal location for a new home.
  1. Focus on ongoing and ready-to-occupy projects: Projects were categorized into ongoing and ready-to-occupy, and we integrated search functionality, enabling visitors to find their desired properties easily. 
  1. Convenient options for communication: We integrated easy-to-find buttons that allow customers to interact directly with Sun Homes, through Whatsapp and phone calls.
  1. Interactive maps and key transport details: We provided the accurate location of the projects using a map feature, and also highlighted the distances to airports, hospitals, shopping malls, etc. enabling potential buyers to make informed decisions about property locations.
  1. Testimonials and accreditations: To build trust and credibility, we prominently displayed testimonials from satisfied customers and showcased Sun Homes’ industry accreditations on the website.
  1. User-friendly EMI calculator: For financial planning, we included an EMI calculator in the footer that allowed customers to estimate monthly payments based on the loan amount, interest rate, and tenure.
  1. High-quality images and creatives: Engaging visuals and creatives were strategically placed throughout the website, enhancing the user experience and leaving a lasting impression.
  1. SEO-optimized blog posts: To boost website search engine rankings and attract organic traffic, we posted new content regularly, such as blogs on industry trends, home-buying tips, and the advantages of living in Trivandrum.
  1. Brand-consistent design: Sun Homes’ red and white logo palette was consistently used throughout the website, maintaining brand identity and recognition.


The website revamp for Sun Homes successfully achieved its goals of creating a premium and user-friendly online platform, generating more leads, and effectively conveying the brand’s values. The revamped website has attracted potential buyers, in addition to contributing to Sun Homes’ continued success as a leading builder in Trivandrum and the rest of Kerala.

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