Momentum Meetup: A Day of Inspiration and Growth

Momentum Meetup: A Day of Inspiration and Growth

“All growth depends upon activity. There is no development physically or intellectually without effort, and effort means work.” 

The Fresh Mind Ideas team gathered on 4th May 2024 at Hotel Hilton Garden Inn at Thiruvananthapuram, drawing inspiration from this quote. It was a game-changing meetup that empowered us with renewed motivation, positivity, and the will to do more. 

We called it the Momentum Meetup, an event graced by the presence of our esteemed client and well-wisher, Mr. Vishnu Sudhakaran, founder and CEO of Livro Shipping, a shipping and logistics company headquartered in Dubai, with branches at Mumbai, Gandhidham, Cochin, and Chennai. 

Incidentally, Mr. Sudhakaran initiated the meetup to interact with the Fresh Mind Ideas team. He flew in from Dubai to be a part of our gathering. 

The Drive To Do Better Than The Best

The interaction with Mr. Sudhakaran was nothing short of enriching.  His presence was uplifting, and his words resonated deeply with our young team. He shared valuable insights on various factors influencing personal and professional growth, including the importance of work-life balance.

Embracing a growth mindset

Mr. Sudhakaran emphasized the importance of adopting a growth mindset. He encouraged us to approach work and life as a game, focusing on enjoying the journey.  He challenged us to reflect on our work satisfaction, time management effectiveness, and the results we’ve achieved.  He encouraged us to ask ourselves how we can add value to others, the company, and our clients.

Mr. Sudhakaran also shared practical tools for success.  He highlighted the power of creating to-do lists to stay focused and prioritize tasks. He emphasized the importance of using a weekly planner to manage time effectively, suggesting that Saturdays are a great time to plan for the upcoming week.

Identifying Solutions for Challenges 

Mr. Sudhakaran took the time to speak to each member of the team, discussing individual challenges and offering practical solutions. Furthermore, he discussed the qualities and habits that define true leadership, inspiring our team with valuable guidance.

A Day Overflowing with Learnings

The Momentum Meetup concluded with a delightful lunch filled with lively conversation. We are incredibly grateful to Mr. Sudhakaran for dedicating his time to interact with us and share his invaluable insights. We look forward to implementing his tips and strategies to achieve both personal and professional success.  

Stay tuned for an upcoming video featuring a one-on-one conversation between Mr. Vishnu Sudhakaran and the CEO of Fresh Mind Ideas, Mr. Ajay S Nair, where they delve deeper into industry-specific insights!

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