Print vs online ads

Ads! Ads… Yeah, a way to communicate with people. Here are some examples of Printed as well as Online ads for clearance.

Printed ads example:
Ads on papers, newspapers, magazines, booklets etc.

Online ads examples:
Banner ads, blogs, social network ads etc.

Can you differentiate? Anyway, take an account of ads in newspaper. We just notice at least 5 or 6 attractive ads, among several ads. Among this, if you want to know more about that company or product what will you do? No more effective options are there. Same case will suffer in case of magazines, booklets etc.

But in this online world, most of us spend more and more time in network computers. Are you familiar with some blinking ads while searching for a particular content or passing through a site? Yes, it’s a kind of online ads. Any more information relating to this selected ad can get by just make a click on it or can navigate easily. Both ads printed and online ads have their own significance. Here I’d like to distinguish these ads by giving emphasis on 3 things.

1. Target
In case of printed ads, focus is given only to a localized area. Only the people in that area get aware of the brand or product. Worldwide targeting of ads can be easily possible through online.

2. Speed
Printed ads take more time for preparation and publication. But, when compared to printed ads, spreading online ads takes only a limited time.

3. Cost
Most forms of printed ads requires a little cost for paper, ink, transportation and publishing charge which is not required for online ads.

Now, online ads are more popular in e-games and in other social media like face book, twitter etc.

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