The Importance of Social Media for Dermatology Clinics

For dermatologists who want to market their independent clinics, social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and LinkedIn offer a unique marketing opportunity. As part of their daily lives, potential patients increasingly engage with social networks. In a surprising development, social networks aren’t only popular among youth; statistics reveal that over 50s join social media in shocking numbers.

Social networking accounts for almost 23 percent of the time spent online by an average user. The overwhelming power of social media is compelling dermatologists, as well as small businesses, to consider how they can leverage this marketing tool. Digital marketing for dermatology clinics can help clinics to attract new patients, retain existing patients, raise awareness of their office location and generate higher revenues.

A large proportion of the global population uses social media sites for online communication. Although patients often turn to social media for advice on cutaneous concerns and even to locate dermatology clinics, it remains underutilized among both academicians and clinicians marketing their practices. By using social media, dermatology trainees can better understand dermatology concepts and learn new methods for research. Patient advocacy and patient perspectives have a greater online presence than academic dermatology stakeholders. Additionally, certain platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter have different originators, messaging strategies, and sources of information about dermatological conditions and behaviors. 

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Got a project?
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Dermatology clinics have an advantage

Similar to the smallest businesses, dermatology clinics have a distinct advantage when it comes to reorienting their marketing strategies toward social media. A leading online survey firm conducted a study among 1,180 small and medium businesses (SMBs) and 500 customers to determine what drives SMBs and independently practicing professionals to leverage the marketing power of social media. The study revealed three key reasons:

  • Having high visibility among many people
  • Connecting with potential clients in a personalized way
  • Enhancing personal image and self-promotion.

For dermatology practitioners who still do not realize the power of social media, they should realize that not only will it help them build relationships, but it will also be beneficial to their businesses. According to a leading crowdsourcing marketplace:

  • Over half of small businesses and professionals gain clients from social networks, most commonly through Facebook.
  • Facebook users and Twitter users are more likely to buy the products and services of the businesses they follow on social media.
  • Small businesses can benefit from social media without spending much money: About 60 percent of them spend less than $100, and 74 percent of them do not have an employee to run social media marketing campaigns.

Search Engine Optimization and Social Media

Having a high rank in organic search engines is crucial for a great dermatology website. Social networking sites that integrate active social networking are increasingly regarded as important by top search engines, such as Google. To determine whether a website is worthy of being read by online readers, search engines use social media actions as a reliable source of evidence.

Whenever someone shares useful content from a dermatology website on Facebook or Twitter, a search engine can use that information to determine the value and relevance of that page. Linking to or mentioning a website on social media is considered a vote or endorsement of the content by search engines. More and more people are “voting” on social networks for the website, so the ranking of the website improves.

By supplying readers with unique, relevant, and highly valuable nuggets of information regularly, dermatologists can enhance their social media networking. A dermatologist’s social media account can feature informative blog posts, valuable news articles, patient testimonials, and even case studies, ebooks, and relevant web links along with educational images and videos to achieve more “votes” from readers. SEO for dermatology clinics helps the clinic to rank high.

Online reputation management

A dermatology practice that networks actively can dominate search engine page results. Keeping an eye on online accounts can help dermatologists maintain a good online reputation. Internet users have almost no control over what they do on the network, which is unlike the real world in which people are essentially free to operate.

A professional’s reputation can be made or broken by third-party commenters on the Internet, and there is little that can be done by the professional in such cases. As a result of being able to manage one’s online reputation more effectively through social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google Plus, LinkedIn, and Flickr, it becomes possible for professionals to save time, money, and effort.

The user-generated content

Patients who are currently or have been treated by a dermatologist often offer the best endorsement. User-generated content is at the heart of social networking from the perspective of the dermatologist, and no amount of advertising or marketing can match the impact of a positive testimonial on a potential patient. An effective dermatologist’s social media presence can yield amazing results over time if they invest enough time and effort into it.

A wider reach to the target audience

A dermatology clinic can take advantage of social networks to reach out to as many patients as possible at the lowest cost per patient. Comparatively, social networking is one of the least time-consuming, least costly, and most effective forms of advertising and marketing.

Social networks are incredibly powerful because a follower or fan can have many followers and fans in their line. For example, if just one follower on Twitter shares one interesting tweet on dermatology, that tweet will be seen by 100 followers, assuming 100 people follow the Twitter account. A retweet from another follower will increase the reach of that tweet exponentially.

Building a professional network

Social media networking for dermatology clinics can enhance their professional clout, which is perhaps one of the most underestimated benefits. Additionally, dermatology clinics can improve communication with other professionals in the industry. In addition, the dermatologist can reach out to potential patients in the local area where the dermatology practice is located. Besides other dermatologists from around the world, they could also be potential business partners, media professionals, marketing and PR experts, thought leaders in the dermatology field, event organizers, and other influencers.

Networking on social media can help dermatologists make new contacts that could help promote their practices. In addition to sharing your expertise, you may be invited to speak at conferences, sponsor community events, and learn about the most recent developments in dermatology around the world.

Hire an expert

Through social media marketing, dermatology clinics can boost their business prospects by partnering with social networking experts or companies that specialize in social media promotion. A dermatologist who wants to create and manage a highly successful social networking campaign may find it most helpful to partner with an Internet marketing firm that has an exclusive focus on promoting medical practices.

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