This article explains why we, FreshMindIdeas , a Bangalore based Branding and Web design studio loves the CMS platform – WordPress.


A beginner in website development ponders about on where to start, which platform to use etc. Only your entire requirement is, chosen platform should be user as well as SEO friendly, easy to use, open source etc. No need of ponderings is needed if you have a domain name and hosting; just decide WordPress as your platform. WordPress can be simply used for blogging and for website development. No matter if you are a beginner or self-employed or a seasoned pro because WordPress is the common platform for everyone which affords your convenience and expense too.

Simply have a surf with WordPress.org theme directories or with another premium marketplace like ThemeForest, WooThemes, StudioPress, Design modo.


Benefits of using WordPress to Power Your Company’s Website      

  • Design Consistency

Because of themed approach of WordPress, it’s very easy to create a new theme or update the existing one as your own choice and considering the nature of your existing website with minimal cost.

  • Budget friendly CMS for all types of business


For small business owners, WordPress websites are more cost-effective because of its simplicity, less use of hard codes and ease of management and usage of plugins.

  • SEO Friendlier

Based on the unique content that you published and those keywords in that post, images, titles and description, all these allows your site for SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Read more about Google’s SEO update from here!

  • Make your site more customizable

Diverse design aspects can be implemented in your website by the use of WordPress CMS. Any particular section of your website or different pages of your site can be equipped with different themes with this WordPress.

  • Content Scheduling

If you have lots and lots of contents to publish, and not wants to publish all at once, you can use the benefits of timely scheduled date for the post.

  • Mobile responsive coding

Responsive website design company

WordPress has mobile responsive coding by automatic detection of whether a user uses the site in mobile or computer. Based on this, WordPress adjusts your site for viewing.

  • Enables Inbound Marketing


Rather than WordPress popularity and ease of usage it also plays a vital role in Inbound marketing which promotes online business. Methods considered as non-authentic like advertising and buying email lists which are so-called as Outbound marketing is now replaced with Inbound marketing by the WordPress.

  • Automatic Integration of your posts

social media icons hand drawn -freshmindideas blog

There is no need to login to each social media to post your content because automatic integration of your posts is possible through WordPress which helps to save your time and makes your website in better engagement results.


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