Have you ever notice the hidden knowledge behind any logos? If you haven’t, it’s time to notice what each logo stands for? Here I would like to inform you about 10 famous logos and their hidden messages. If you and your company seek an identity and business personality, one among the solution is by means of logo design. I’m sure you will get more inspired once you can figure out the hidden symbols and messages.

  • FedEx logo

Logo designing company kerala

Federal Exposure is a 40 year old company for transportation and business solutions. Take a close look between E and X. See it? Yes, an arrow symbolizes quick and accurate delivery.

  • Amazon logo

Logo design kerala

Amazon is a Washington based online selling company. The arrow in this logo has 2 basic meanings. Amazon sells A to Z products. Also it looks like a smile which represents a smile on customer’s face who bought Amazon products.

  •    NBC logo

branding company kerala

NBC, commercial broadcasting network also called peacock network established in 1926. Do you understand the logo above the text NBC? See a peacock in white space in the middle of 6 colors which looks right. This indicates the company is always looking ahead. And also each colorful feather represents NBC divisions.

  • Unilever logo

unilever logo

Unilever is an oldest consumer goods company founded in 1930 and has headquarters in UK. U represents first letter of Unilever having 24 different icons. For example heart represents love, care and health; bird symbolizes freedom. You can also see DNA, bee, palm tree etc.

  • Goodwill logo

goodwill logo

Notice this logo for a while. I really love this charming logo because of its two way representations, letter G or smiling face. Goodwill Industries is an agency provides job training, jobs for people who have disabilities, or people who face employment challenges etc.

  • Baskin Robbins logo

logo design

Baskin Robins is an American global ice-cream parlor formed in 1945. This company is popular for its “31 flavors slogan”. In this logo pink in BR shows 31.

  • Toblerone logo

logo designing

Do you ever think where Toblerone chocolates are created? Ok I’ll let you know. The company is located in Bern, Switzerland which is famous for bears. Now just make a look on logo.

  • Eight logo


In this logo, each letter represents the number 8. Interesting right?

  • 80-20 logo

design for logo

80-20 is a small consulting firm. Dark square indicates 1 and the other 0. So, following this construction, it can be read binary as 1010000 and 0010100 which form the number 80-20 respectively.

  • Spartan Golf club logo


No doubt, this logo appears to be a golfer. But when you look at a side, it looks like the helmet of a Spartan Warrior.

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