Apparently, to become most popular is each firm’s motto. In this fast and ever-growing world, being online is one of the best choices. For a firm, being online with a website is the foremost thing, so better to make your website as the cynosure of all eyes. Prominence in creating a website:

  • Customers could easily find out your own business.
  • Obviously describe you own business.
  • Perform your sales.

So as a start-up, by following the below listed steps, you can begin your journey into the world of internet.
So here you go!!!

Step 1: How to get a domain name for your business?

  • Keep in mind that before creating a website you should have to think about what an apt name can be chosen for your website.
  • If possible, this name should be same as that of your company’s name.
  • It should be easily spelled, simple and memorable.
  • Also, make sure that the selected domain name does not clash with existing copyrights.

Step 2: Register your domain name

  • Your domain name can also be set as your domain address.
  • To make your site a professional one, setting professional email address has some significance.
    1.     Increase level of confidence to your customers.
    2.  Feel that this email address has a direct relationship with the business.
    3.  Professional mail address example: [email protected] gives a better impression than those email addresses like [email protected]
  • Websites like or helps you for checking the availability of your domain names and for registering with a fee.

Step 3: Hosting your new business website.

  • Next is to install your own website.
  • For that, it requires a server space i.e., a powerful PC server for the worldwide acceptance of several web pages in your website.
  • Many webhosting companies like Network Solutions, Hostgator or Bluehost provide these services.
  • Make sure that the selected server running and accessible in 24 hours a day.
  • This installation may sometimes expensive, depending on database of your website and add-on services like email accounts.

Step 4: Putting your new website together.

  • Once you installed your website, and took an account of any of the webhosting companies, they provided with certain instructions mentioning how to upload your website on to their server.
  • Uploading and publishing technical supports given by FTP (File Transfer Protocol) which allows two computers to communicate.
  • Popular FTP packages include WS-FTP, Cute FTP, FileZilla and Fetch.

Whether your company is small or large, creating a website requires some budgetary requirements. Number of visitors on your site depends on how much you invest on your business website. These may sounds as a herculean task, but don’t worry. FreshMindIdeas will help you out. Join hands with FMI and reach the peaks of your business.

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